From the feature film “My Tyrano: Together, Forever” (Premiere in early summer 2020) comes a trailer with the mystical background music of Sakamoto Ryuuichi.
In the trailer, the ending song “Rakuen o Futari de” (Together into Paradise) by Hanaregumi and Kotringo has been revealed, and comments from the songwriter Sakamoto Shintarou have been received as well.

The feature animated film “My Tyrano: Together, Forever” is originally a picture book series by Miyanishi Tatsuya which exceeded 2 million printed copies.
It's worth noticing that the movie is directed by Shizuno Koubun (known for his many works in the “Detective Conan” movie series) and produced by one of Japan's greatest animation studio, Tezuka Productions. In addition, Sakamoto Ryuuichi will be in charge of the music.

The trailer depicts just a fragment of the entire story, showing the encounter between the strongest yet fearful of the dark Tyrannosaurus, “Tyrano” and the little female Pteranodon who cannot fly but living while still embracing hope, “Puton”. From that moment, they will start a long journey together in search of the “Paradise”.

This music, that was revealed for the first time, is Sakamoto Ryuuichi's latest work in the anime movie industry after 33 years since the movie “Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise” published in 1987. His musical composition gives a majestic and mystical sense to the great adventure of “Tyrano” and “Puton”.

Furthermore, the trailer also shows the ending song “Rakuen o Futari de” where you will be healed by the gentle singing voices of Hanaregumi and Kotringo. The soundtracks are scheduled to be distributed online from Apr. 15.

The movie “My Tyrano: Together, Forever” will be released nationwide in early summer 2020.

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To me, it was a great adventure to be able to sing a magnificent song produced by Kotringo-san and Sakamoto Shintarou-san. I am very honored to be part of this work! I was watching the movie by thinking, “I wonder if I'd be able to look straight back at Puton's eyes as she looks straight at Tyrano”.

After watching the movie, I made the music arrangements while thinking that it would be good if the song inspired the scenery where dinosaurs live. After exchanging many emails with Sakamoto Ryuuichi in order to get some clue on how he created the main theme, I realize how impressive the development's concept behind it. The voice of Hanaregumi-san, which turnsSakamoto Shintarou's feelings about the movie into words and fit perfectly with the image of Tyrano, who has a sensitive heart despite his apparently huge and powerful body, made a great job in terms of expression.

[Sakamoto Shintarou]
After receiving the script and the demo music data from Kotringo-san, I started working on the song in a way of expressing it into simple and sincere words as much as I could. As the ending song, I'd be happy if it were able to adapt to the movie in a natural way.

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