The main trailer of the original animated movie “Cider no You ni Kotoba ga Wakiagaru” (first run on May 15) has been released.
The sound source of the theme song and the insert song has also been released for the first time in the main trailer, and comments from Abe Yuma from never young beach, who is in charge of the theme song and Onuki Taeko, who is in charge of the insert song, have arrived.

The main trailer carefully depicts how Cherry and Smile, who have a complex, meet up and gradually get close to each other through social media.

Cherry breaks out of his shell and runs to Smile while being confused about the change in his feelings and his family circumstances that a 17-year-old boy's can't handle.
It resulted in the first flush of youth in the 17-year-old summer, in which the main character, Cherry can experience only once.

“Cider no You ni Kotoba ga Wakiagaru”'s first run will be on May 15, 2020.

<Hereafter, posted full comments>
[Abe Yuma (never young beach)]
・How do you felt when you were given an offer to make a theme song by the director: I'm glad. Let's make a song.
・ What were you focusing on when making the theme song: I felt a very cool sensation from the work, so I wanted to make the song with the sharp refreshing sound.
・ Your thoughts of the theme song: You can be who you are. You are wonderful too even when struggling. Perhaps, you may be the most radiant when you're not good at handling with such things.

[Onuki Taeko]
I think everyone definitely has an encounter with a song or music. It stays alive across generations. In a world where many things pass by as they overflow, you are only attracted by the view that can be seen through a big magnifying glass only..

I have met it! That would be called destiny. Music has such magical power.

I told the director that even if we couldn't fulfill our ambitions when we were young, for example, “Giving up on a dream is also called courage.” It is different from a setback. I sang the song like in classic 70's style with such feelings.

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