To commemorate the finale of “Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger”, the adult-sized “Ryusoul Ken -MEMORIAL EDITION-” is here. Pre-orders are available at “BANDAI TOYS SHOP” inside Premium Bandai.

“Ryusoul Ken -MEMORIAL EDITION-” is a renewal of the “DX Ryusoul Ken” in terms of size and voice recording.

The product has been upsized from the length of 380mm of the DX version to 700mm. As the blade and the grip were created with a new mold, the size and balance are much closer to the show now.
Moreover, the mold's color for the blade and decoration such as the dinosaur face in the DX version were changed, so that the new coloring will look alike with the one that appeared in the show.

There is a large volume increase in the voice recording from the DX version. Various scripts from the show from the protagonists Koh (Acted by Ichinose Hayate), Melto (Acted by Tsuna Keito), Asuna (Acted by Osaki Ichika), Towa (Acted by Obara Yuito), and Banba (Acted by Kishida Tatsuya) were recorded.
Other recordings such as the call of the Kishiryu and as a bonus even the additional warrior, Canaro (Acted by Hyoudou Katsumi)'s voice is recorded as well. Do enjoy the recording with over 100 type variation from 20 characters.

“Ryusoul Ken -MEMORIAL EDITION-” is priced at 16,500 JPY (tax included). The pre-orders are open until 11 PM, Apr. 20, 2020 in “BANDAI TOYS SHOP” inside of Premium Bandai and shipping is scheduled on Sep. 2020.

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