From “Kinnikuman”, Silverman, Mirageman, Abyssman, Gunman and Psychoman are commercialized in the fourth volume of “Kinkeshi full color premium”. Pre-orders are accepted at “Premium Bandai”.

“Kinkeshi” is a capsule toy sold from 1983 to 1987 during the broadcast of the anime “Kinnikuman”. It is an achromatic figure with the superhumans of the work.

“Kinnikuman Kinkeshi full color premium vol.4″ is a lineup of perfect superhuman founder with a perfect aura and great strength.

Silverman, the younger brother of Goldman, was the founder of the Kin meat tribe and created the origins of superhumans of justice. Mirageman, the gatekeeper of the iron wall, stands in front of an intruder into a superhuman graveyard or someone who wants to be a complete superhuman. Abyssman was given the title of ” Perfect ruler” by The Man. Gunman with two large horns and a true-eyed cyclops can see the future. Alsos a magnet power that was discovered by psychoman who was fascinated by that power.

All of them are super high quality in both modeling and coloring. The total height is about 44mm (the size varies slightly depending on the figure). We ask for you to fully complete the order by purchasing the three.

The price of Kinnikuman Kinkinshi Full Color Premium vol.4 is 3,200 yen (tax included). Pre-orders are currently being accepted in ” Premium Bandai “, and will be shipped in June 2020.

(C) Boiled egg / Toei animation
(C) Boiled egg / Shueisha