From the series “Kinnikuman”, Goldman, Painman, Justiceman, Singman, Crowman, and The Man are being released as the third series of “Kinkeshi Full Color Premium”. “Premium Bandai” are currently accepting pre-orders.

“Kinkeshi” is a range of capsule toys sold based off the anime “Muscle Man” while it was broadcast from 1983 to 1987. They are uncolored chibi figures of the superhuman characters that appear within the work.

“Muscle Man Kinkeshi Full Color Premium vol.3” consists of a line-up of a team of perfect super humans pioneer with massive god-like auras.

Goldman, who carries the dumbbells of heaven and rallied the super demons together under his command of the demon army. Painman, who has lived for millions of years and has never felt any pain due to the cushioning structure of his body. Justiceman, the one said to deliver the world’s justice and is known as the “God of Judgment”. Singman, whose body is made out of strong meteorite. Crowman, who is known for his high-speed movements and lastly, the one and only God who created all super-humans, The Man.

Both the molds and coloring are of very high quality and the figures come to about 44mm in height (There might be some differences in size in depending on the figure). At the same time, orders for the fourth series are being accepted to complete the full set of perfect super humans.

“Kinnikuman Kinkeshi Full Color Premium vol.3” is priced at 3,800JPY (tax included). “Premium Bandai” is currently accepting pre-orders and delivery is scheduled for Jun. 2020.

(C) Yudetamago・Toei Animation
(C) Yudetamago/Shueisha