The 12th volume of "Kinkeshi Premium" figures from the "Kinnikuman" series have debuted. Reservations are currently being accepted at "Premium Bandai".

"Kinkeshi" are gachapon items that were sold from 1983 to 1987, during the broadcast of "Kinnikuman". The figures are achromatic, deformed versions of the supermen that appear in the series.

15 new models have been created for the "Kinnikuman Kinkeshi Premium Vol. 12" product. The line up, which is themed around "fated battles", contains new versions of supermen who have participated in the best bouts throughout the history of the series, such as "KinnikuMan", "Robin Mask", and "Akuma Shogun".

The "Kinnikuman Kinkeshi Premium Vol. 12" is priced at 4,400 Yen (Tax Included). Reservations are being accepted at "Premium Bandai" and are scheduled to be shipped in Mar. 2020.

【Set Information】
15 Figures
【Suggested Age】
15 Years And Up

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