Sakura Ayane (as Sagara Tao) and Kawase Maki (as Sawa Yayoi) were announced as the additional cast for the anime “MAJOR 2nd” Season 2 (Broadcast date: Apr. 4, 2020). The comment from Sakura is “I used to watch “MAJOR” together with my father when the story is about Shougo. It has been 15 years since then and I can't believe that I will be entering that world… I am full of the feeling of 'dashing toward my dream stage'.”.

“MAJOR” is originally a baseball manga which is currently serialized in “Weekly Shounen Sunday”. As the sequel of “MAJOR”, “MAJOR 2nd” will be broadcast in TV on Apr.
In this anticipated season 2, the protagonist Shigeno Daigo, the child of Shigeno Shougo who is previously active in the major league, had advanced to the middle school of Furin Private Academy. Daigo, who is a 2nd year in middle school, is the captain of Furin's baseball club.

This time, the two cast that will voice the baseball girls of Furin's baseball club that Shigeno Daigo is handling are announced.
The agile shortbase who is proud of her solid defense, Sagara Tao will be voiced by Sakura Ayane while the second baseman who is an iron wall together with Sagara Tao, Sawa Yayoi will be voiced by Kawase Maki.

TV Anime “MAJOR 2nd” Season 2 will be broadcast in NHK E TV from Apr. 4, 2020.

(C)Mitsuta Takuya・Shogakukan/NHK・NEP・ShoPro