Various animes were broadcast and released in 2019. It was a bountiful year with a variety of new series of anime released, along with almost 100 anime movies.

Here at Anime!Anime!, we have conducted an annual general anime election. First, we looked back and conducted a reader’s survey on “The most active voice actor”, who appears in the popular animes and voiced the main characters, and on “The most ‘favorite’ voice actor”, whom the readers became fan of during this year or thought of introducing to other readers.

During the survey period of Nov. 15 to Dec.15, we have received answers from more than 3,000 people. The male-female ratio was about 25% male and the higher ratio of female readers made up about 75% of overall number. Youngsters made up the majority of total votes, with 19 years old or under made up about 47%, and 20’s made up about 34%.

We will now announce the final result for “the most ‘favorite’ female voice actor”.

■First place: Uchida Maaya – Her talk is popular!
The first place is Uchida Maaya and the support rating was approximately 12%. She takes the top despite placing third during the mid-term result.

We have received comments from her female readers, that become her fans due to her voicing of Norman from “The Promised Neverland”, such as “I was amazed by her amazing voice acting as a young boy” and “I had fallen for her cool young boy voice despite having such a cute appearance.”.

There were also readers who mentioned their support because of the variety program “SAY YOU TO YOASOBI”. Comments such as “I knew a lot about Maaya-san from the live streaming.” and “She smiles a lot, adored her senior and skilled in voice acting…. I enjoy watching it.” which shows that the talk in the show is also popular. Together with the Shimono Hiro (1st place for the most “favorite” male voice actor in 2019), who is also the host for Wednesday show, both of them took the top place.

Second Place: Hanazawa Kana – Her appearance on a red carpet has drawn a lot of attention.
The second place is Hanazawa Kana and the support rating was approximately 8%. She keeps her ranking position from the mid-term result.

Regarding Hanazawa-san, who appeared in various works this year, we had received comments such as “I had fallen for her charming voice, acting and song and I also loved her cute voice as if it is able to grasp my heart.”, and “Whenever I heard that steadiness healing voice, it made me want to support her. Her role as a calm adult woman is amazing.”.

Regarding her appearance on the red carpet of the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival, we have received a comment of support, “She looks so cute in the dress!”. In April, she had held her first oversea concert where she revealed her singing voice in Guangzhou and Shanghai. Her involvement in the various activities had also attracted attention based from these comments: “Each of her seriousness expression when working had left an impression in me.” and “I love her voice and personality and I will continue to support her from now on!”.

Third Place: Kito Akari – There was a lot of support the passionate acting in “Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer”
The third place is Kito Akari. She fell from her ranking during the mid-term result with the gap of two place.

There was a lot of comments from reader that become her fans due to her role as Kamado Nezuko from “Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer”. One of the readers voiced out his reason of support is due her acting a difficult role. “It was amazing that she was able to express the characters despite there were no lines!”.

Together with the comment “Her activities in various radio programs and her friendly personality on Social Network Sites (SNS) make me want to support her.”, there was a support for her superb drawing skill; “She is quite talented as she was able to draw out an illustration that is on par with a professional.” There was also a comment that mentioned her 1st single (released on October); “Her debut song is cute.”.

Various talented members were also ranked in in the [The most “favorite” female voice actor]. The appealing acting of the character, the expression on the world view through the singing voice, and the talk on the radio programs, these are the reasons that cause the reader to become a fan of them.

Next is the announcement of the final result for [The most active male voice actor]. Do check it out since there was a change in the ranking for [The most “favorite”] series!

■Ranking top 20
[The most “favorite” female voice actor in 2019]
1st: Uchida Maaya
2nd: Hanazawa Kana
3rd: Kito Akari
4th: Sawashiro Miyuki
5th: Minase Iori
6th: Hayami Saori
7th: Yuuki Aoi
8th: Sakura Ayane
9th: Amamiya Sora
10th: Taketatsu Ayana
11th: Kayano Ai
12th: Mizuki Nana
13th: Takahashi Rie
14th: Sakamoto Maaya
15th: Itou Miku
16th: Morohoshi Sumire
17th: Ueda Rena
18th: Ishikawa Yui
19th: Ogura Yui
20th: Uesaka Sumire

(Survey conducted from Nov. 15, 2019 to Dec. 15)