From the international animation film festival “Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2020 (TAAF2020)” (held from Mar. 13 to 16, 2020), they announced the details of the programs such as “Oyako Movie Theater”, “YOUNG POWER 2020”, and “Inter College Animation Festival 2019 Selection” and “Symposium” that you can enjoy for free.

“Oyako Movie Theater” is a free screening of animation works in Japan and overseas that you want to show children.
The lineup will include “Bannou Yasai Ninninman”, “Puka Puka Juju (Juju the Weightless Dugong)”, “Genba no Jou”, “Little Maraba”, “Captain Bal”, “Bureizen”, “Hello WeGo!” and “Aki no Kanade”. The venue “Kumin Hiroba Minami Ikebukuro” is a space where you can take off your shoes, watch movies and chat, so parents and children can relax and enjoy the animation.

“YOUNG POWER 2020” will feature anime by students from Tama Art University, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo Polytechnic University, and Tokyo Zokei University, as the young creators who take on responsibility for the next-generation animation industry.
Guest instructors for this year are Raul Garcia, an animator for Genie of Disney animation “Aladdin”, and Inamura Takeshi who has worked for numerous works at Studio Ghibli as key frame and key animation supervisor.

“Inter College Animation Festival 2019 Selection'' is a program that collected works the executive committee recommended from those participated in 2019 in the first full-scale animation film festival in Japan “ICA'' which gathered recommended works from schools that is specialized in animation.
The screenings include “Aru Jikan”, “USUAL DAY”, “world.execute (me);”, “Boku wo Matteru”, “I SEE YOU”, “to bee continued Umeboshi Patrol”, “Kujira no Yu”, “LOCOMOTOR”, “April” “SPACE” and “Asparagus Ningen ni Natta hi. Hobo Kanzenni Kudo ni Natta Toshi”.

In the “Symposium”, they had prepared several projects such as “Future animation -The possibility of stop motion-“, “To see a bright future. The future insight of the animation industry 1-What will we try to change with digitalization?” and “To see the bright future. The future insight of the animation industry 2-Change of job site environment and working environment with digitalization” to explore the “current” animation, by reconsidering the actual situation, and discuss how “future” of animation, animators, staff, industries, organizations, and so on should be.
Each creator and producer who has been active on the front lines in Japan and abroad will be on stage and have heart-to-heart communication with passion.

“TAAF2020” will be held from Mar. 13 to 16, 2020 at Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa in Ikebukuro, Tokyo and other locations. Go to the official website to apply to participate in each program.