Bushiroad Group's company Hibiki had changed it name to “Bushiroad Move Co. Ltd” on Feb. 1, 2020. It will continue functioning as an advertisement agency after absorbing a part of Bushiroad Media and has started to provide IP promotion services.

While reading the current popular trend and undergoing different media mix, Bushiroad Group had developed various IPs loved by many fans such as “Cardfight!! Vanguard (Trading Card Game), “BanG Dream!” (New Generation Girls Band Project), etc.

As a “Promotion Developer”, “Bushiroad Move Co. Ltd”will make used of the advertisement and promotion knowledge that is cultivated in the Bushiroad Group in terms of advertisement and events agency, voice actor/voice actress management agency, and music production agency.
It will also provide suggestions to companies developing IP businesses on their promotion to deliver their interesting contents to the world.

By the way, the actor/voice actress agency, “Hibiki” and “HiBiKi” and also the internet radio program portal site, “Hibiki -HiBiKi Radio Station-” will remain the same name.