Web service “Catchup”, a service to provide information of the release period, the TV channels, and broadcast time of the latest anime, began. This service not only provides information above, but also provides a brief summary for each title.

There is an increase in anime viewers due to the increase in anime streaming service, and “Catchup” will provide information on both streaming service and TV.
Regarding the information announced of each title, the streaming service and starting date, the airing channel and date of 1st episode, brief summary, cast members, staff, a link to an official website and other information related to anime will be covered.

Also, on the top page of the website, there will be a list of anime released on the date of visit, and anime schedule from Monday to Sunday can be checked. Also, the users can look for anime according to the genre, such as tiles having original in manga, games, and anime itself.

In the future, users will add and edit information of release, broadcast, and the title, and there will be links that connect titles which have the same production company and cast members in common.