The “4th Ani-Monozukuri Award”, an award ceremony for the collaboration works with the corporation that makes use of anime and manga work, characters and others, is decided and the applications have started. The announcement on the winning works of the Grand Prix and each category, together with the awards ceremony, is planned to be held in “Machi★Asobi” in Tokugawa on early May 2020.

“4th Ani-Monozukuri Award” is a project to award the best works among the collaboration between anime and the corporation or legal person of automobile makers, food and beverage makers, logistics, etc, that was not involved with anime prior to this. It was held to spread the corporation efforts and also to increase more high-quality collaboration contents. A total of 120 applications was received for the 3rd award ceremony in 2019.

The eligible applications for the 4th awards ceremony are products, service, advertisements, promotion, that were on sale, released, or held, by corporations, legal persons or public agencies with the usage of anime, manga, characters etc.
Various genres were set up for the application categories such as “Animation CM category” (for video advertisement works that were created with animation technique), “Collaboration Contents category” (for product or collaboration that make use of the setting or trait of existing IP (anime, manga, characters, etc.) in products, services, advertisement, promotion, etc.), and others.

The application for “4th Ani-Monozukuri Award” is currently available in “Ani-Monozukuri Award” Offical Website until Mar. 13, 2020.