From the 44th entry of the Super Sentai series, “Mashin Sentai Kiramager” (starting on Mar. 8, 2020) comes toys of the Henshin devices of the 5 heroes, “Kirameki Henshin Bracelet DX Kiramachanger” which will be released on Mar. 7, 2020. The weapons which the Kiramagers use in the show have also become toys.

The bracelet shaped Henshin device “Kirameki Henshin Bracelet DX Kiramachanger” has a “Hero Mark” in the center. When you touch the icon, the voice of “Kirama-Go!” and a Henshin standby tune will be played, and by twisting the wheel of the bracelet, you can “Kiramachange” into a Kiramager. Also, the multi-LED in the center of the bracelet flashes as the transformation sound is playing.

In addition, the two weapons used by Kiramager, “Kirameki Gun DX Kiramea Shot” and “Kirameki Sword DX Kiramasword” will also be released as toys.
The two weapons can be combined into Kiramabuster, the 550mm long ultimate weapon. Pull the trigger of the Kiramashot when combined, and the finishing blow will be activated.

The “Kirameki Gun DX Kiramashot” is a clear blue color with glitter in it with a Kiramasticker, also with glitter, near the muzzle, making it super glittery. Not only does the trigger make sounds for normal shots, but it can also go into finishing blow mode by loading the Kiramabullets and pulling the lever on the back. When you pull the trigger in the mode, the Kiramabullets will be shot from the gun.

The “Kirameki Sword DX Kiramasword” is also a clear blue color with glitter in it with a Kiramasticker with glitter on the tip of the sword. It is a sword type weapon with 2 LEDs of different colors installed in the window in the center. You can choose between “Kiramashield” and “Kiramacharge” by pushing the center button, and the green and red LEDs will flash to show the activation of each move.

A set of these two weapons and the “Kirameki Henshin Bracelet DX Kiramachanger” called “Kiramager Kanzen Narikiri Set: DX Kiramachanger & Kiramashot & Kiramasword” will also be released on the same date. Furthermore, the 5 members of “Kiramager” will be joining the “Sentai Hero Series”, which is the Super Sentai PVC figure series.

The prices are as below:
“Kirameki Henshin Bracelet DX Kiramachanger” 4,400JPY (tax included)
“Kirameki Gun DX Kiramashot” 4,950JPY (tax included)
“Kirameki Sword DX Kiramasword” 4,180JPY (tax included)
“Kiramager Kanzen Narikiri Set: DX Kiramachanger & Kiramashot & Kiramasword” 13,520JPY (tax included)
All items will be released on Mar. 7, 2020.

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