A collaboration between “Ojamajo Doremi” and characters from Sanrio starting with Hello Kitty was announced along with a completely new film titled “Majo Minarai wo Sagashite”(Roadshow on May. 15) to commemorate “Ojamajo Doremi”'s 20th anniversary of its broadcast. Collaboration designs were released as well, revealing cute costume designs for the characters.

Collaborative designs of “Hello Kitty” and other Sanrio characters and “Ojamajo Doremi” were newly made for products released by Sanrio stores and other licensees.
“Ojamajo Doremi” worked together with Sanrio characters and made “Let's all get along! Ojamajo Anniversary☆Design” for Sanrio stores which features products released by licensees with the “Fancy Pop Design” that combines the pop of Sanrio with the fanciness of the Sanrio characters is now available.

The collaborative designs with the theme “Pair of good friends” features designs called “Harukaze Doremi x Hello Kitty”, “Fujiwara Hazuki x My Melody”, “Senoo Aiko x Cinnamoroll”, “Segawa Onpu x Kuromi”, “Asuka Momoko x Pompompurin”, “Hana-chan x Corocorokuririn” were set, and the cute costumes that show how much they get along with each other should also be noted.

The “Majo Minarai wo Sagashite” Commemorative “Ojamajo Doremi x Sanrio” Collaboration will commence in May, 2020 along with the release of the movie. Various goods will be released at Sanrio stores and Kiddy Land Harajuku stores nationwide. Details will be announced later on the website.

“Majo Minarai wo Sagashite” Commemorative “Ojamajo Doremi x Sanrio” Collaboration
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“Majo Minarai wo Sagahshite”
Date of release: May. 15, 2020(Fri)
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