The characters of “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” are planned to be designed by “Sanrio” under the project “Wanpaku! Touken Ranbu”. The first batch which includes 20 items with new designs of “Hachisuka Kotetsu”, “Yamanbagiri Kunihiro”, “Kiyomitsu Kashuu”, “Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki”, and “Kasen Kanesada”, has been revealed.

“Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” is a simulation game developed by DMM GAEMES and Nitroplus. It features the collection and training of legendary swords depicted as swordsmen, in order to defeat enemies that appear in Japanese historical battlefields. Since the game's release, a theatrical version, anime adaptation, and a live-action movie have been made.

In “Wanpaku! Touken Ranbu”, “Sanrio” designs the swordsmen with pastel colors and a chibi-cute taste. The first batch includes the designs of “Hachisuka Kotetsu”, “Yamanbagiri Kunihiro”, “Kiyomitsu Kashuu”, “Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki”, and “Kasen Kanesada”.
In addition, a pop-up store is scheduled to be held in Tokyo in Mar. 2020, with about 50 items such as button badges, acrylic stands, apparels, and general goods planned to be sold.

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