The new anime of Fuji TV “noitaminA”, “Fugo Keiji Balance: UNLIMITD” which is bestseller novel by Tsutsui Yadutaka, will starts from Apr.2020.
In addition, the key visual, first promotion video and information of main staff were released.

“Fugo Keiji” depicts the story of Kanbe Daisuke, the protagonist who owns a lot of money and solves cases with unexpected ways.

45 years have passed since the first release of novel, and Itou Tomohiko takes the role of the director, Kishimoto Taku as the script writer and series construction, Sasaki Keigo is responsible for the character design, and Clover Works as the animation production for this TV anime. The modern out-of-box detective, Daisuke, will reborn more beautifully and passionately.

Prior to the announcement of this anime, the roles of Oonuki Yuusuke and Miyano Mamoru had been announced.
Oonuk plays the detective Kanbe Daisuke, who owns unbelievably large amount of wealth, and Miyano plays the partner of Daisuke called Katou Haru who is humane.
Mystery that appears in front of two contrasting detectives, the methods to solve the cases are the point to look forward.

TV anime “Fugo Keiji Balance: UNLIMITED” will start from Apr. 2020 on Fuji TV “Noitamina” and other channels.

(C) Tsutsui Yasutaka・Shinchousha/Itou Tomohiko・Kanbe Clique