From TV anime “Wave, Listen to me!” (begins from Apr., 2020), the staffs of MRS (Mt. Moiwa Radio Station) and second key visual were released. In addition, Uchiyama Kouki, who plays Oki Shinji, will participate as an additional cast.
Furthermore, on “AIR-G'” in FM Hokkaido, it has been decided that a radio program “Wave, Listen to me!” begins from Mar. 5.

“Wave, Listen to me!” is a story in Sapporo City in Hokkaido, and it depicts Koda Minare, an employee at a soup curry restaurant, awakens as a radio personality of “Wave, Listen to me”, a program which airs on 3:30 am.

The second key visual released include the staff and personality of MRS (Mt. Moiwa Radio Station): Minare, Matou, Mizuho, Kurengi, and Madoka.
In addition, the key visual of the additional character Oki Shinji, a man who lives in the same apartment with Minare, has been released as well, and Uchiyama Kouki plays the character.

In Sapporo, from Mar. 5, the on air of “Wave, Listen to me”, a radio program inspired by “Wave, Listen to me!” begins on “AIR-G'” of FM Hokkaido.
In advance to TV anime, Sugiyama Riho, who plays the personality Tada Minare, is in charge of this regular program.

TV anime “Wave, Listen to me!” starts from Apr. 2020 on MBS/TBS/BS-TBS (Animeism), and HBC in Hokkaido. For the opening theme song will be “aranami” by tacica (that was formed in Sapporo, Hokkaido), and the ending theme song is “Pride” by Harumi.

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【Uchiyama Kouki】
Oki Shinji, the character which I play, lives in the same apartment as the main character Tada Minare. He is a calm character, but also a tricky character. Anything I say other this can be a spoiler, so please check anime out.
The original manga was very interesting, so I am happy to be a part in this anime. Please look forward on how the original manga with so many words, and how the radio program in the manga will be expressed, and the various highlights of the anime.

(C)Samura Hiroaki・Kodansha/Mt. Moiwa Radio Compilation Bureau