The first episode titled “A New Door” from upcoming TV Anime “Idolish7 Second BEAT!” (broadcast on Apr. 2020) is available for free on every streaming website including Youtube, in order to celebrate the “Ainana Day” on Jan. 7. In addition, clips and the summary of episode 1, and the profiles of two Re:vale members Momo and Yuki have been revealed.

“Idolish7 Second BEAT!” is the 2nd season of TV Anime “Idolish7”.
The idol group IDOLiSH7 has taken a new step after winning against the rival TRIGGER in the competition event “Black or White”. They now have the chance to become even more popular by participating in regular shows. However, the more popular they get, the greater the responsibility and expectations needs to be faced. At that time, the co-starring top idols group Re:vale has shown its professional figure as entertainers.

In episode 1, the long-awaited TV show of IDOLiSH7 has been decided. To promote that, the group members will also be called to appear in the top idol Re:vale show co-starring for the first time with a big-time senior. They felt a little apprehensive when they went to greet him in the dressing room……

In Season 2, the two from Re:vale will make their full appearance, revealing both of their profiles.
Momo (voiced by Hoshi Souichirou) is a cheerful and easy-going character, observant of his surroundings and acts very friendly towards younger groups. Yuki (voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke) is a charming character with a gentle heart who is thoughtful of junior groups. He gets along with Momo, having skit-like conversations in private and public spaces.

Episode 1 “A New Door” of the TV Anime “Idolish7 Second BEAT!” Season 2 is sequentially available for free broadcast on every streaming website including Youtube.

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