The world's largest Doujinshi fair “Comic Market 97” is being held at Tokyo Big Sight, Koutou Ku, Tokyo, from Saturday, Dec. 28. At the Aomi Exhibition Hall, many people came to see the exhibits of the corporate booths. One of the booths was the popular smartphone game “Megido 72”.

A total of 93 goods such as bags, Japanese teacups, hand towels, and Dorayakis, including an acrylic art and stand set of each of the 72 characters. Needless to say, all the goods are from “Megido”.

People kept getting in line at the booth to get these goods. FYI, the goods are scheduled to be sold after the Comiket, and the acrylic goods are already sold at “GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP” from Dec. 28.

All the goods except the Dorayaki will also be sold at Kotobukiya Akibaharakan, Akihabara, Tokyo, from Dec. 31 to Jan. 13, and Namba Marui, Namba, Osaka, from Jan. 10 to Jan. 20.