The world's largest doujinshi sales event “Comic Market 97” is being held at Tokyo Big Sight (Koutou Area, Tokyo) from Saturday, Dec. 28. The corporate booth took place at the Aomi Exhibition Hall and there was a large amount of visitors since the first day. Among the booths, there was a booth were the line for buying goods had extended until outside of the hall. That booth was Aniplex booth.

A total of 17 goods with various features from 12 titles such as “Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer”, “Magia Records”, “Fate/Grand Order”, “Touhou Cannonball”, etc were being sold. There was a long line for it as it featured a collection of popular titles.

The goods sold are sets filled with the various goods of the respective titles, tapestry, acrylic stand, etc. Moreover, it had been planned that the available goods in the venue will be sold on the online shop ANIPLEX+. Do check the online shop if you miss the event.