In 2019, there were various games that had anime adaptions such as “Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demon Battlefront: Babylonia”, “Stand My Heroes PIECE OF TRUTH”, and others. Due to various gorgeous characters from the original game making appearances in the shows, the animes even attracted viewers that didn't play the original games.

In Anime! Anime!, we conducted a survey asking readers: “Which games do you wish to have an anime? (Second half of 2019 version)” following the survey conducted in the first half of 2019. We have received a total of 76 responses during the survey period of Nov. 29 until Dec. 10.
The male to female ratio was male 40% and female 60%, making females the majority. In terms of age distribution, the majority were youngsters below the age of 19 comprising of 30%, and 40% were people in their 20's. First, let's present the result for the application game category.

■The top is “DREAM!ing” which shows its popularity despite already having an anime adaption.
The first place is “DREAM!ing” with a support rating of 7%. It took third place in the second half of 2018 and fourth place in the first half of 2019. This show had always been ranked in the upper spots and this time, it took the top place.

“DREAM!ing” is a game by COLOPL that is aimed towards females. The setting is in Shinonome Academy, where talented students nationwide are gathered, it is a story about getting support from students that are paired up. We had received comments from the readers such as “The characters that appear in the game are full of uniqueness. As the performance by the voice actors are fabulous, I would like to see it as an anime sometime.”, “The story is quite emotional and hilarious and each of the characters have a firm personality. I believe it would be interesting if it has an anime adaption.”.

The second place was a tie between “Torikago Scramble Match”, “Bungo to Alchemist” and “Megido 72”

“Torikago Scramble Match” is a game application by DeNA. It is an adventure RPG where players take care of the animal girls while exploring a post-apocalyptic world. We received comments such as “It is an interesting game if you like animal girls.”, “I want an anime adaption of the adventures of the young boy and the animal ear girls.” and it would be nice if we could hear the alluring voice of the heroines in the anime.

“Bungo to Alchemist” is a browser game by Just as what this comment was saying “I want to make the Bungo boom much bigger”, well known literary masters have appeared in various works. It would be interesting if we could watch other authors appear with other titles.
“Megido 72” is a game application created by DeNA and Media Vision. It is a battle game where players raise demons to save the world. For this, we have received comments such as “I want to see the brave appearance of the Megido in the anime.”, “I wish that the story can be recreated”, and the game's unique setting explains its popularity. A short anime of this game has been released on their official YouTube channel.

■Let's introduce the other comments!!
For “Ayashi Koi Mawari” : “Won't it be interesting to have an anime adaption for this as it is a time travel RPG.”
“SINoALICE”: “The study of world perspective would be developed faster if there were various media diversification for this.”
For “On-Air!”, the comment received was: “I want to see the story about the growth of Hosekigaoka Academy's voice actors as an anime”.

In this survey, we also received votes on works which series already had anime adaptions such as “The Idolmaster: Shiny Colors”, “Meiji Tokyo Renka: Twilight Kiss”, “Yugioh Duel Links”, and others. It seems like there are a lot of fans that want an anime adaption because of new characters and additional stories.

Next, we will announce the result for console games. Don't miss it!

■Top 10 Ranking
“Which games do you wish to have an anime? (Second half of 2019 version)”
1st place “DREAM!ing”
2nd place “Torikago Scramble Match”
2nd place “Bungo to Alchemist”
2nd place “Megido 72”
5th place “The Idolmaster: Shiny Colors”
5th place “Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space”
5th place “On-Air!”
5th place “Hoshinari Echoes”
5th place “Kamisama Shibai”

(Survey Period: Nov. 29 ~ Dec. 10, 2019