The world's largest Doujin fair “Comic Market 97” is being held at Tokyo Big Sight (Koutou-ku, Tokyo) from Saturday, Dec. 28. At the Aomi Exhibition Hall, many people came to see the exhibits of the corporate booths. This is a report on the booth of the popular smartphone game from China.

The game is “Girls' Frontline”. The title in China is “Shoujo Sensen” and was released in Japan in Aug. 2018, becoming a popular game in Japan as well.

At the booth were 19 types of goods inspired by the game, along with a trailer of the game. They had cosplayers giving away free distributions, and when someone pointed their camera at them, they began a small photo session.

They also promoted the in-game “Singularity” event which will start from Jan. 17, 2020.