The Comic Market Arrangement Committee has announced a new activity ‘Air Cosplay Ver 0.75’ (planned period: May 2 to May 4) for ‘Air Comiket 3’.
‘Air Cosplay’ was planned considering the situation with COVID-19 started in 2020. While fanzine sales events and convention events keep getting canceled due to the pandemic, this event was created to stop taking away opportunities from cosplay fans to show their costumes.
So far, there have been ‘Air Cosplay ver.0’ at ‘Air Comiket 2’ held from Dec 30 to Dec 31 in 2020 and ‘Air Cosplay ver.0.5’ at ‘Air Wonder Festival’ held on Feb 14, 2021.

‘Air Cosplay Ver 0.75’ allows participants to virtually enjoy the cosplay section at Comiket by posting their thoughts and photos with hashtags such as ‘#AirComiket’ and ‘#AirCosplay’. Also, there will be requests open for other participants than cosplayers and videos of the scenery of Ariake depending on the time of the day posted so that participants can feel more at the actual Comiket.

‘Air Cosplay Ver 0.75’ is planned to be held from May 2 to May 4. Visit the official website for more details.

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