Here we have a preview and synopsis of **AraOto** Episode 9, 「Kitsunenokamisori」, airing on Aug. 30, 2019 (Fri).

**AraOto** is an adaptation of the ongoing manga with the same name in the **Bessatsu Shonen Magazine** (published by Kodansha) written by Okada Mari, the screenwriter of **Anohana** fame, with illustrations by Emoto Nao, the artist behind **Forget Me Not** .
A coming of age story portraying five high school girls, all members of the literature club, as their lives begin to get hijacked by “sex” due to a single statement from one of their own.

The name of this 9th episode is 「Fox’s Razor」 (Lycoris sanguinea).
Glancing at the school, now filled with more couples than ever before after the school festival, on the way home Momoka confesses to NiinaMomoko confesses to Niina on the way home that she saw what transpired between Niina and Saegusa during the festival. Meanwhile, Kazusa is in on cloud nine as she sees everything in a brand new light. As she drops by Izumi’s house on her way home, the reality that their relationship is not the same as before sinks in once again.

**AraOto** Episode 9, 「Fox’s RazorKitsunenokamisori」 aired in Japan on MBS, TBS and more, Aug. 30, 2019.
(C)Okada Mari, Emoto Nao, Kodansha/AraOto Production Committee