A first look at episode 11 of TV Anime『Dr.STONE』, 「CLEAR WORLD」aired on September 13(Fri)have arrived.

『Dr.STONE』is a manga produced by Riichiro Inagaki, drawn by Boichi currently serialized in Monthly Magazine Shounen Jump. The story is set a thousand of years after the entirety of humanity was turned into stones in an instant. The story follows the awakening of a young scientist as he tries to restore civilization from the ground up with his superhuman mind.

In the 11th episode, Gen made a false report to Tsukasa saying 「Senku is dead」, and formed an alliance with Senku becoming one of the members of the Science Kingdom. On the other side, Kohaku and the others plan to participate in the village front match to win in order to feed Ruri the sulfur antidote by becoming the head of the village.

Meanwhile, Senku who is making a roadmap for making sulfur antidotes, promises to make “glasses” for Suika who has bad eye
sight. Together with the village craftsman, Kaseki , they face the challenge of producing “Glass”….

TV Anime 『Dr. STONE』 episode 11 「CLEAR WORLD」 was broadcast on Friday, September 13, 2019 on TOKYO MX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, BS11, etc.

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TOKYO MX Every Friday 22:00~22:30
KBSKyoto Every Friday 22:30~23:00
Sun TV Every Friday 23:30~24:00
BS11 Every Friday 23:30~24:00
TVQ Kyushu Broadcast Every Monday 26:00~26:30
TV AIchi Every Monday 26:05~26:35
TBC Tohoku Broadcast Every Monday 26:10~26:40
TV Hokkaido Every Tuesday 26:35~27:05
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