One of the biggest anime events in southeast Asia "C3AFA Singapore 2019" was held on Nov. 29 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre in Singapore (until Dec 1).

One highlight of the event is that the guests can meet Asia's popular cosplayers. The cosplayers invited as a special guests and cosplayers invited by corporations appeared on the stage and at photo sessions. Starting with Enako from Japan, Hakken, who has many Twitter followers (from Malaysia), and Xiao RouSeeU (from China) showed high quality cosplay.

The cameramen surrounded the cosplayers from the beginning, instead of taking the photos one by one in a line. In addition to the familiar sight of cosplayers interacting with each other as they would in Japan, the the event had a unique rule of having cameramen reserve their spot with their equipment and asking the cosplayers to come take photos in their space.

The popular contents from Japan are delivered to Singapore with almost no time gap, so there were many "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" and "Fate/Grand Order" cosplays, and because perhaps there were many people of Chinese origin, there were many cosplayers of "Azur Lane" and "Arknights", both games created in China.

This is my photo report with photographs taken of cosplayers who could speak English, Chinese, and sometimes a little Japanese from Day 2.

Photographs by: Nogi Akira (@Osefly)
Photograph cooperation: C3AFA Singapore 2019