“C3AFA”, the large scale anime event held all over Asia including Japan.
Many works, voice actors, and artists from Japan have participated in this event and the number of visitors from the past 11 years has grown over 1.7 million.

Anime!Anime! has conducted a backstage interview with the performers of “C3AFA Singapore” which was held from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1, 2019, in Singapore.
This is a report of the interview with Oohashi Ayaka-san who reached the 5th anniversary of her debut as an artist in 2019.

Back in Singapore!
―― What are your feelings on finishing your performance?

Ohashi: This is my second visit to Singapore this year. Its been a while since last joining the C3AFA, so I was quite nervous, but once the stage began, everyone was so kind. I felt the unchanging warmth from the fans.
The venue was the same as last time and the atmosphere of the waiting room and the backstage made me feel like “I'm back!”

I sang 6 songs in the performance. I usually only sing tie-up songs, but this time, since it was the 5th anniversary of my debut as an artist, I tried different things like singing my first ballad from my latest single.
I wanted to make it a stage where I could show everyone how far I had come.

―― Were you worried about having songs that weren't tie-ups in your setlist? Like, maybe they wouldn't get the vibes of the song?

Ohashi: I won't say I didn't have any worries, but when I high-fived the dancer during “Give Me Five!! ~Thanks my family~”, everyone raised their hands. I was glad that it was a song that was easy to get into.
Oh, and during “Conflict”, there were so many pink glow sticks. I realized that overseas fans think of pink as my theme color.

I want to meet more of my overseas family (fans)!

―― What do you notice about the fans in Singapore?

Ohashi: I really think they're all so good at Japanese. It makes me happy that they understand what I'm saying even when I'm speaking Japanese. It's amazing how much you can convey out of Japan, and how excited they get through the music of a foreign language.
I mean, they must be watching the overseas streamings in Japanese to know me. It's such a joy that people know me across the ocean.

―― How would you explain the attraction of anime events in Singapore?

Ohashi: The people in Singapore have just as much love towards anime! Just seeing everyone in cosplays taking photos at this venue tells me how much they love the Japanese culture.

―― What do you want the fans to pay attention to?

Ohashi: The agency I belong to is called HoriPro International, so people ask me if I go overseas or if I can speak English. I will do my best to be active internationally to live up to the name of the agency. I know it's not easy for them to visit Japan.

The artist I love is active overseas so I really understand how difficult it is to go see them, haha. I want more opportunities to meet my fans, and also want to become famous enough to hold a live performance without any supporting acts. I would be glad for everyone's continuous support.

Also, thank you for those who came to see my performance from Japan. I believe I have more performances in Japan than in other areas, but all fans are important to me.
My fan club is called “BIG BRIDGE FAMILY”. I love it because it's like my family ties are spreading worldwide!

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Photos=Nogi Akira
Coverage Cooperation: C3AFA Singapore 2019