Following the debut of “Sister Princess” ‘Karen’, another sister, ‘Sakuya’, is going to debut as a VTuber. ‘VTuber Sakuya’ is now revealed as a 3D image.

“Sister Princess” was originally created as a serialised reader participation project published in the 1999, March edition of “Dengeki G’s Magazine”. Between illustrator Naoto Tenhiro’s detailed and fresh artwork and literary director Kyoko Kono’s well executed “warm-hearted letters and stories from the sisters”, fans responded overwhelmingly and “Sister Princess” attracted attention from many diverse medias such as novels, games, character CDs, TV animes, radio, casting and soundtrack. In March 2017, in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of “Sister Princess”, the anime version was released for sale as a Blu-ray boxset, while in 2019 for the 20th anniversary since the creation of “Sister Princess”, a lot of all new projects have been announced.

Meanwhile, the fashion and cosmetics loving sister, ‘Sakuya’, is debuting as a VTuber. Following the debut of ‘Karen’ as part of the 20th anniversary project, ‘Sakuya’ is now also going to debut as a new VTuber. Now, details of the debut and the debut’s timeline are said to be released at a later date.

However currently, the “Sister Princess 20th Anniversary VTuber Project Fan Group” is underway. If the fan group’s members increase, it may be possible to expect more of the sisters to debut as VTubers.

(C) Sister Princess 20th Project
(C) Naoto Tenhiro/Kyoko Kono, KADOKAWA