Characters from『Yatterman』and『Fist of the North Star』will be having a one night special collaboration event at the virtual music fest「DIVE XR FESTIVAL supported by SoftBank」. The crossover event will be held at Makuhari Messe on September 23, 2019.

「DIVE XR FESTIVAL」is a music fest where Anime/Game characters, virtual singers on the internet, Vtuber , new gen idols ad AI perform on stage in the real world. A story in a”special dimension”that mixes fantasy/virtual/reality, giving off a sense of characters and artists existing in the same dimension, utilizing all three senses.

The special crossover event features Kaminari Ai and Boyacky from『Yatterman』currently active as a VTubers and Kenshiro along with Heart-sama who debutted as a VTuber both from『Fist of the North Star』. Looking forward to the collaboration on the day of the event.

「DIVE XR FESTIVAL supported by SoftBank」will be held from September 22 till 23 while the special crossover event between 『Yatterman』and『Fist of the North Star』will be held on the 23th, both at Makuhari Messe.

◆Event Concept
In 2019, A variant gate that connects to a “parallel world”suddenly appeared due to a space-time distortion. Beyond the gate exists a alternate world in Japan, where an era named 「SHOWA」 still continues on. A retro-future landscape that retains the atmosphere of Showa possessing advanced science and technology more advanced than the present world where we live. In a parallel world where the boundary between the past and the future has disappeared, the border between reality and virtual has begun to disappear bringing forth the arrival of a brand new era. The representative of the “Two Japans”(Confidential Treatment)formed a mutual inviolable treaty, in order to commemorate that, a celebration festival known as『DIVE XR FESTIVAL』was then agreed upon, overcoming any border and culture.

◆Event Overview
Event Name:DIVE XR FESTIVAL supported by SoftBank
Event Schedule:
September 22 (Sun)
=Afternoon Performance Opening 11:00 Start 12:00 
=Night Performance Opening 17:00 Start 18:00
September 23 (Mon・Holiday)
=Afternoon Performance Opening 11:00 Start 12:00
Location:Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall 1-3
September 22 (Sun)<Two performance each in day and night>
-Azuma Lim
-Ensemble Stars!(Trickstar/UNDEAD/Knights)
-Mari Kashiko
-Kizuna AI
-Devils Punk Inferno
-Hatsune Miku
-Harano Oni
-Aoi Fuji
-MonsterZ MATE
-Luo Tenyi
【A/V Performance】HachiojiP×BRDG

September 23 (Mon・Holiday)
-AVATAR2.0 1st All Stars
-Ensemble Stars!(Trickstar/UNDEAD/Knights)
-Kaminari AI feat. Boyacky
-Ginga Alice
-Sasugano Ruki/Sasugano Roki
-SHOWROOM Virtual Stars
-Dennou Shoujo Shiro
-Tokino Sora
-Nekonoki Mochi
-Hatsune Miku
-Hibiki Ao
-HIMEHINA(Tanaka Hime+Suzuki Hina)
-Miss Monochrome
-Mirai Akari
-Luo Tenyi

【Crossover special plan】「Yatterman(Kaminari Ai、Boyacky)×Fist of the North Star(Kenshirou、Heart-sama)」
【A/V Performance】HachiojiP×BRDG、RHC×BRDG

※Performers are in alphabetical order
※Ensemble Stars! performance will appear after a time slip of the first performance on 2017.10.28

Sponsor/Plan/Production:DXF Excecutive Committee
Special Sponsor:SoftBank Co., Ltd
Cooperation:ALiSE ZERO, Crypton Future Media, SHOWROOM, SOGO TOKYO, TWH

(C)Tatsunoko Productions/YVT Production Committee