The movie "City Hunter: The Cupid's Perfume" showing in Japan from November 29, 2019. The movie is ranked in first place with 92.8 points in "Pia premier satisfactory survey". An encore screening is scheduled on December 7, Shinjuku, the mecca of City Hunter fans, as echo to the respond.

"City Hunter: The Cupid's Perfume" is the French live-action adoption of "City Hunter", a popular manga with over 50 million copies printed in total. The movie was a big hit in France with a record of 1.68 million viewers. The author, Tsukasa Hojo said "This is what I call City Hunter!", giving his big approval to the production.

In Japan, Yamadera Koichi, Sawashiro Miyuki, Genda Tessho, Kamiya Akira and Ikura Kazue, together a "deluxe dubbing" version and collected a revenue of 47,883,700 Yen from 38,676 viewers. Though there are major title movies screening in over 300 theaters, this movie ranked in 8th place for the weekend viewers ranking in Japan with only 102 theaters screening the film. Nevertheless, it received first place in "Pia premier satisfactory survey", one of the main movie review.

Thanks to the overwhelming feedback, there will be a special encore screening of the movie titled ""City Hunter: The Cupid's Perfume" movie encore screening! Get into the tug of war with Ryuu, Kaori, Falcon and Saeko for The Cupid's Perfume" in Shinjuku, the mecca of City Hunter fans, on Dec. 7. It's a must go event for fans .

The movie "City Hunter: The Cupid's Perfume" "deluxe dubbing" version is now showing.