The ending theme song “Get Wild” from the anime “City Hunter” has been the top trending topic on Twitter as of Sep. 11, 2020, under the hashtag “Get Wild Taikin” widely spread by users coming back from work while listening to the song (Taikin = to leave work). The music has become a huge topic discussion amongst netizens in Japan.

“Get Wild” is the main song of the 10th single released by TM NETWORK 1987, which became a big hit adopted as the ending theme of the anime “City Hunter”.
The song would start playing on the cliffhangers at the end of each episode giving way to the closing credits. To this day it is considered by many anime fans as “one of the best anime ending theme ever”.
The song was also used for the movie that premiered on Feb. 2019, “City Hunter Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes”, and once again managed to grab the heart of many fans.

The trend started when a single user tweeted the hashtag explaining how listening to the song while going back home after work makes you feel a sense of accomplishment for the day’, suggesting people to try it too, which then started spreading and eventually becoming viral

Among the various tweets were the following: “I’ll try it today.”, “This song is way too cool for a workday’s ending soundtrack.”, “Will they please replace Hotaru no Hikari for this song?”(*Auld Lang Syne, aka Hotaru no Hikari in Japan, is commonly played during the end of events, graduation ceremonies, and commercial establishments to signal closing time), “Oddly enough, listening to Get Wild after a full day of work does actually make you feel satisfied and cool, and no matter how hard it was you’re able to go home feeling fresh.
The official City Hunter 35th anniversary account also tweeted that “It’s really exciting if you listen to it while repeating the lines from Ryo while fantasizing about the anime! I’ll definitely try it tonight.”

“Get Wild” was also played during the program re-broadcast on Sep. 11 from 19:30, “Uchi de Utaou! Sunfes Ouen Jouei Returns Online” of the “Sunrise Festival” event, organized by the studio behind the production of the anime, Sunrise.