The original stage reading directed by a voice actor Hayami Sho “Shinjuku RUMBLE FISH” has released its cast members and character settings. Additionally, the 3rd additional cast members are announced to be Yamanaka Mahiro and Shimozuru Naoyuki.

“Shinjuku RUMBLE FISH” is based on Dazai Osamu’s masterpiece called, “Run, Melos!” and Hayami Sho is directing this original stage reading project.
The play is set in “Kabuki-cho” in Shinjuku, a famous Japanese downtown. In the city where light and darkness crosses, there is a handy shop ran by two men. One day, a man visits the shop; “Someone is trying to take my friend’s life”…
The combination of a day-dreaming man, a lucky boy, a passionate, unpopular host and kind man of a flower shop. The unique characters freely run all over Kabuki-cho.

The cast members and the settings for the characters has been announced.
Hayami Shou is playing Satou Suzuki, who is in charge of the handy shop in Kabuki-cho, “Happy Staff Service”, Nozuyama Yukihiro is playing the employee of the shop Torakichi, Kijima Ryuuichi is playing Shimeguchi Kakeru, an unpopular host, and Niigaki Tarusuke is playing a kind owner of Kabuki-cho’s flower shop, Serizawa Minoru.
Furthermore, the names of Yamanaka Mahiro for Maria, Simozuru Naoyuki for Bandai, and Imai Fumiya for Ouji Makoto are listed as well.

The stage reading “Shinjuku RUMBLE FISH” will be held at Zen Dentsu Hall (Zen Dentsu Labor Hall) on Jan. 18, 2020 and Jan. 19, 2020.
The second pre-sale ticket is available Dec. 8, 2019 on LAWSON Ticket.

【Satou Suzuki (CV: Hayami Shou)】
The owner of the Kabuki-cho handy shop “Happy Staff Service”. He does not work hard, and an unreliable man who can not live without alcohol and cigarette. He is so unreliable that he often been scolded by Torakichi, but he dodges it with smiles.

【Torakichi (CV: Nozuyama Hiroyuki】
The employee of the Kabuki-cho’s handy shop, “Happy Staff Service”. He often misunderstood to be a delinquent from his appearance, but he is serious and ordinary man. He hopes not to interfere with troubles, but he often be involved with troubles.

【Shimeguchi Kakeru (CV: Kijima Ryuuichi)】
He is an unpopular host from Kabuki-cho. He is honest, passionate man. He is working with a fake name, “Melos”, but his sale is the worst among the members. He is loved by everyone, and is popular among the residents of Kabuki-cho.

【Serizawa Minoru (CV: Niigaki Tarusuke)】
He runs a flower shop in Kabuki-cho. He is faithful and responsible, tends to overthink things, but kind man. He grew up in a orphanage, and Melos is his childhood and best friend. He thinks Melos as same as his family.

【Maria (CV: Yamanaka Mahiro)】
A hostess of Kabuki-cho. She is energetic and caring. Her workplace is near Melos’s, and she considers Melos as her brother.

【Bandai (CV: Shimozuru Naoyuki)】
Ex-boyfriend of Maria who wishes to make up with Maria again. He hates Melos because he believes that Melos is the reason why Maria broke up with him.

【Ouji Makoto (CV: Imai Fumiya)】
He is a member of “Kadokura Clan”. He is so ruthless that he takes whatever it means to obtain a goal. He is very smart that he is in position of supporter of the young leader, although he is young as well. He does not get along with Kadokura, who is the boss of the clan and who is humane.