The front page of Nanjou Yoshino’s calendar book and the photo book “Nanjou Yoshino 2020 CALENDAR & PHOTOBOOK”, which only contains new photographs, has been released. A photograph which she holds a guinea pig and her inside a London bus has been released.

“Nanjou Yoshino 2020 CALENDAR & PHOTOBOOK” is created with a collaboration with the girls visual book “My Girl”, and they directed the entire book from photographing to interview articles. Nanjou talked about her 2020 goals and her current situation in the long interview of the calendar book.

The front page of the photo book was a cute picture of Nanjou in a casual fashion with a denim overall and flannel shirt, holding a guinea pig. Additionally, you can see various natural expressions of Nanjou with picture of her playing with a sheep and others.
Lastly on a front page of the calendar book, the photograph of Nanjou with mannish fashion in a London bus has been used.

“The special post card autograph event” will be held on Feb. 15, 2020 in Tokyo, and Feb. 16 in Osaka. Please check out the further information at the official web page.

“Nanjou Yoshino 2020 CALENDAR & PHOTOBOOK” will on sale on Dec. 6, 2019. Price is 3,636 JPY (not including tax).

Phot by Katou Arata