The front cover (book sleeve case) and bonus of voice actor Nanjou Yoshino’s calendar book, “Nanjou Yoshino 2020 CALENDAR & PHOTOBOOK”, have been revealed. Many different settings, from standing in the middle of a forest to a baseball stadium at night, have been included.

Nanjou Yoshino worked as a voice actor in many works, including the roles of Ayase Eri in “Love Live!”, Tsukuyomi Shirabe in “Symphogear”, and Miura Naoto in “Clockwork Planet”. She is also known for her work as a solo musician and as the vocalist of fripSide.

The front cover of the “Nanjou Yoshino 2020 CALENDAR & PHOTOBOOK” depicts a nostalgic scene of Nanjou in a white one piece standing in a forest. In addition to the impressionistic pink and turquoise blue geometric design, photo cuts of Nanjou in many different situations such as Nanjo casually relaxing on a couch, looking cool inside a baseball stadium etc. were prepared as the bonus.

A long form interview is also printed in the calendar book. This interview contains a retrospective on 2019, titled “What did I feel this year?”, as well as a section titled “What would I like to express in 2020?” that documents Nanjou’s current thoughts.

Finally, there is a section titled “Nanjou Yoshino 2019 / B-Class News”, containing Nanjo’s private and personal thoughts that were not printed on the calendar. This also includes the plans that will forecast what will happen for Nanjou in 2020.

The “Nanjou Yoshino 2020 CALENDAR & PHOTOBOOK” will be released for purchase on Dec. 6th, 2019. The price is 3,636 yen (tax not included).

Photo by Katou Arata