The collaboration campaign between TV Anime"My Hero Academia" and 100 yen sushi chain Hamazushi has begun. In addition to Midoriya Izuku and Bakugo Katsuki merchandises as present, there is also an in-store broadcasting featuring characters from the series.

TV Anime "My Hero Academia" is an adaption of the original comic, currently running in Shounen Jump Magazine, under the same name by Horikoshi Kohei.
The story is set in a world where 80% of humanity was born with a supernatural ability "Quirk". It is a story about the protagonist Midoriya Izuku aiming to become a "Hero" who fight against criminals called "Villains" who use "Quirk" for evil and protect humanity from disasters and his friendship and battle with his classmate from U.A. High School.

In this collaboration campaign, if you order from the selected menu, you will get a special illustrated Original Clear File (A4) or Original Acrylic Keychain. In addition to that, an in-store broadcasting by Midoriya Izuku (CV: Yamashita Daiki) and All Might (CV: Miyake Kenta) will be played through out the campaign, boosting the excitement even further.

TV Anime "My Hero Academy" and Hamazushi Collaboration Campaign runs from Nov. 21 to Dec. 1, 2019.
The TV Anime season 4 will be broadcasted every Saturday 5:30 pm on Yomiuri and 29 channels of Nippon TV national network (some region excluded). Original movie "My Hero Academia The Movie Heroes: Rising" is scheduled for Dec. 20.

TV Anime "My Hero Academy" and Hamazushi Collaboration Campaign
Period: Nov. 21 ~ Dec. 1 2019

(C)Horikoshi Kohei/Shueisha・My Hero Academy Production Committee
(C)2019「My Hero Academy THE MOVIE」Production Committee
(C)Horikoshi Kohei/Shueisha