The author of My Hero Academia, Kohie Horikoshi, revealed two new characters he created for the film, “Chimera” and “Mami” from “My Hero Academia Heroes: Rising” (Release Date: December 20th, 2019).
Takeuchi Shunsuke and Toriumi Kosuke are also slated to be members of the cast.

The film “My Hero Academia Heroes: Rising” is the latest work in the My Hero Academia comic series which has sold over 24 million copies to date.

While visiting an isolated island, Nabuto, U.A. High School Class 1-A students are bumped into the League of Villains as well as “Nine”, who possess overwhelming quirks and powers.
The original characters that were announced for the film version work in tandem with the ultra-evil Villains and Nine.

Takeuchi Shunsuke, who also does the voices of Olaf in “Frozen 2 “and Zack Walker in “Astra Lost in Space”, will perform as the voice of Chimera. Chimera’s quirk is the ability to invoke the traits of many different animals on their body. Toriumi Kosuke, well known for his roles as Guido Mista in “JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Golden Wind” and Mikazuki Munechika in “Touken Ranbu”, will perform the voice of Mami. Mami uses the bandages covering their entire body to wrap up their enemies and control their will via their quirk.

“My Hero Academia Heroes: Rising” will be released on December 20th, 2019 at all Toho theatres.

<Comments from the Voice Actors>
【Takeuchi Shunsuke/Voice of Chimera】
As an original Villain created for the movie, I suppose that many people are wondering what kind of character Chimera will be. In the film, themes such as what is true justice or evil, and who decides the criteria for those ideas, are shown through the intense battles that occur. I think you will be able to enjoy the film more every time you watch it. Please look forward to it.

【Toriumi Kosuke/Voice of Mami】
I had so much fun being able to participate in the heated recording sessions for My Hero Academia. I am looking forward to seeing the completed product, and I hope you will look forward to it as well.

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