Anime [African no Salaryman] and Sanrio character [Aggressive Retsuko] will have a collaboration movie titled “Business exchange meeting of different industries”. A collaborative movie showing Retsuko and her friends visiting Africa Trading Company was released on YouTube and the crossover of both titles depicting “working animals” received comments such as “It feels familiar” and “There is no incompatibility between these two”.

[African no Salaryman] is an anime about animals such as lions, toucans and lizards working for African major companies in a set up similar to Japanese society.
On the other hand, [Aggressive Retsuko] is a Sanrio character content showing OL Retsuko, a red panda working in the accounting department of Kyarariman Shoji Company and her colleagues.

In the collaboration movie this time, both characters who live a hard life as a salaryman meets and interact beyond the boundaries of work. Finally, everyone celebrated Retsuko’s birthday on Nov. 6 commenting “Happy birthday, Retsuko-chan!” and”Isn’t she cute~ Don’t you get healed~” on YouTube. Then, comments about how perfect the combination such as “It feels familiar” and “There is no incompatibility between these two”[There is no incompatibility between the two] are also increasing.

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