「Tensai Bakabon」 (「Genius Bakabon」) will have a collaboration with 「BMW THE 1」 from the German car manufacturer BMW, and the title is 「Our car is a genius」 which has stared from Nov. 1, 2019.
The well-known Bakabon family was remade into the American Comic style, 「THE GENIUS BAKABON」, and also will be remade in the Hollywood movie style as a TV commercial. The protagonist for this collaboration is “Bakabon’s Mama”, who had a tendency to be influence by the irresponsible remark of Bakabon’s Papa.

Based on the concepts of “How would the daily life of Bakabon family will change if there is a GENIUS CAR to help busy Mama?”, the story revolves around Papa who gave out the proud remark, 「Our car is a genius.」 whenever he saw Mama maneuver the 「BMW THE 1」 nimbly in the various daily routine.

The field of new TVCM 「THE GENIUS BAKABON & BMW」 whicf will bigin broadcasting from Nov. 9, 2019. is the graphical abstract world of the comic 「THE GENIUS BAKABON.」
The story start with the scene of the 「BMW THE 1」, whom drove by Bakabon’s Mama, moving gallantly while the arranged version of the nostalgic theme song of the anime 「Tensai Bakabon」 , 「Nishi kara Nobotta Ohisama~♪」 (「The sun that raised from the west~♪」 ) could be heard in the background.

Even when the navigator, Papa gave the wrong direction, Mama, who was driving the “genius car” immediately make use of the reverse assistant system of the 「BMW THE 1」 and found her way out. Even if they reach a dead end, they are able to return to the prebious road just pressing a button. With the 「Tensai Bakabon」’s song being play in the background, Papa said, 「That’s All Right! 」 with a smirk.

Other than the visual of the live film that is full of unexpectedness of the Bakabon family, the English subtitle is shown just like a Hollywood movie even though it is in Japanese dub and other others. It can be said that this will be an interesting TVCM of the 「Tensai Bakabon」 that had transform stylishly in this parallel world.

The new TVCM 「THE GENIUS BAKABON & BMW」 volume from the collaboration between 「Tensai Bakabon」’s and 「BMW THE 1」 will be on air starting from Nov. 9, 2019.
The collaborations, 「Our car is a genius.」 will have a web movie, where the Bakabon family will introduced each systems of 「BMW THE 1」, that will be broadcasted from Nov. 8, 2019 and an exhibition will be held in Hiroshima, Osaka and Tokyo started from Nov. 2, 2019.

(C)Fujio Akatsuka