The voice actress, Hanamori Yumiri will graduatefrom her role as Itsumura Harukain the Media Mix Project, 「Re:STAGE!」 due to "Patellar Dislocation and Meniscus injury".
The news was announced on Nov. 1, 2019 in her affiliated talent agency, m&i official website and Hanamori last stage as her role is on Nov. 17 「PRISM☆LIVE!3rd STAGE~Reflection~」.

「Re:STAGE!」 is a Media Mix project with a line up of key creator such as Izumi Tsubasu as the illustrator and team yoree as the screenwriter together with Pony Canon,whichjoinedin as the music production.
There is diverse developments in the music, game and TV anime where they focuse on the story of young girls putting their effort in the idol activities.

This time, Hanamori Yumiri will graduate from her role as Itsumura Haruka after being diagnosed with "Patellar Dislocation and Meniscus injury" when she went for a checkup after feeling pain in her knee for quite some time.
Because of this, her affiliated talent agency, m&i gave an explaination in their official website for her graduation, "As her doctor-in-charge had forbid her to take part in any performance that might put more burden on her knee, after discussing with the staff of 「Re:STAGE!」 Project, unfortunately, we have no choice but to allow her graduation.".

At the same time, regarding her graduation from her role as Itsumura Haruka, Hanamori reveal that "I will treasure the time that I spent with Yukari chan and the others as hers(Haruka) voice. To be honest, I feel a bit complicated and sad that I am able unable to walk togther with her to become a better idol from now on" and commented that "But she still had a more radiance stage,
it would be nice if I think that I was the one who put her up on that stage. It would make me happy if you can look after Yukari and Haruka.".

Furthermore, Hanamori will be performing in the 「PRISM☆LIVE!3rd STAGE~Reflection~」 on Nov. 17 at Omiya Sony City's Large Hall while taking care on the burden to her knee.