From the TV anime ”Chihayafuru 3”, the character PV of Wataya Arata have arrived. The anime will start broadcasting on Oct. 22 (Tue) at 1:29 am on various distribution services including NTV.

The original work of TV anime ”Chihayafuru 3” is a manga ”Chihayafuru 3” serialized in Koudansha’’s “BE•LOVE” magazine by Suetsugu Yuki. In spite of the unconventional theme of “Competitive Karuta” and the heated games, comic has become popular regardless of age and gender, and the sales of manga have exceeded 24 million copies (as of June 2019 ).

This time, Wataya Arata’s character PV, whose grandfather is the Eisei Meijin (Permanent Meijin), has been released. In this PV, you can look back on the first and second seasons of the TV anime **Chihayafuru** from his setback to the return, and you will place more expectations on third season. The character PV of Chihaya and Taichi are scheduled to be released.

The TV anime **Chihayafuru 3** will be broadcasted on NTV AnichU and others from Oct. 22, 2019 (Tue). In addition, it was decided to be distributed on Fukui Broadcasting, Fukuoka Broadcasting, Hulu, TVer, GYAO !, d anime store, etc.
(C) Suetsugu Yuki/ Kodansha / Anime **Chihayafuru** Project 2019