Chihayafuru’s second box set, newly illustrated by Suetsugu Yuki, is now available for pre-order starting December 6, 2022.

“Chihayafuru” is a girls’ manga by Suetsugu Yuki, serialized in Kodansha’s “BE・LOVE” since 2007.
The series, based on the theme of “competitive karuta,” (a Japanese card game) has won numerous awards, including the “2nd Manga Taisho 2009” award, and the “This Manga is Amazing 2010” award, the series sold more than 27 million copies.
The series will conclude with the final 50 volumes, which will be released on December 13, 2022.

Chihaya, a sixth grader, meets Arata, a transfer student from Fukui. A quiet and reserved boy, he has a special talent for Ogura Hyakunin Isshu competitive karuta. Chihaya is shocked to see Arata playing the cards faster and more enthusiastically than anyone else. Meanwhile, it was Chihaya’s outstanding “talent” that attracted Arata. ……

To commemorate the release of the final volume of “Chihayafuru”, a second box set with new illustrations by the original author, Suetsugu Yuki, is now available for storage.
In addition to the existing box that can hold up to volume 32, this second box can hold everything from volume 33 to the final volume. In addition, pre-orders for all volumes 1-50 and the existing box set and second boxed set will begin on December 6, 2022.

Why not take this opportunity to enjoy the final volume in a special limited edition storage box?

[Release date]
Scheduled for December 13 (Tue)

Contents of the set for sale
[Set 1]
– Box for storing volume 1-32
– Comic set 1-32
15,840 JPY (tax included)

[Set 2]
– Box for storing volume 33-50
– Comics 33-50 Set
9,009 JPY (tax included)

[Set 3]
– Box for storing volume 1-32
– Box for storing volume 33-50
– All Comic Books
24,849 JPY (tax included)

The storage box for volumes 1-32 is the same as the one we have previously provided as a bonus in our store.