A collaboration between TV Anime 『Food Wars The Plate of God(Shin No Sara)』 and TV Anime 『Shin Chuka Ichiban!』 was decided. 「cookpad studio Food Festival(Shokushinsai)」 will be introducing both collaboration menus at cookpad studio, Shinsaibashi on October 7th 2019.

The venue cookpad studio Shinsaibashi, is a hands-on studio where participants can purchase food and limited goods on the original menu while watching the cooking live stream featuring collaboration videos and performers.
Gourmet anime which will begin broadcast on October like 『Food Wars The Plate of God』 and 『Shin Chuka Ichiban!』 were chosen for the 1st collaboration event at the venue which had just been renewed.

The event 「cookpad studio Food Festival」 will feature 「Shin Chuka Ichiban! Collaboration Menu」 produced by cookpad studio and the 「Food Wars The Plate of God Collaboration Menu」 prepared by the gourmet researcher, Yuki Morisaki. Furthermore, popular dishes that appeared in both works and original dishes that can’t be found anywhere else will be prepared, along with novelty presents and original goods will be sold.

「cookpad studio Food Festival」 will be held at cookpad studio Shinsaibashi from October 7th till October 31st 2019. TV Anime 『Food Wars The Plate of God』and 『Shin Chuka Ichiban!』 will begin broadcast from October 11th.

(C)Yuto Tsukuda・Shun Saeki/Shueisha・Togetsu Gakuen Video Research Group 4
(C)Etsushi Ogawa・Kodansha/「Shin Chuka Ichiban!」Production Committee