The summary and preview clip for the TV anime Dr. STONE's 9th episode (broadcastingon 08/30, Friday), titled "To This Hand, The Light of Science", has arrived.

The Dr. STONE anime series is based on the manga written by INAGAKI Riichiro and drawn by Boichi, which is currently running on Shukan Shonen Jump magazine. It has been a few thousand years since the entirety of mankind was turned to stone by some mysterious phenomenon. In this new world awakens Senku, a boy who is a total science lover. The series depicts how he uses his superhuman intellect to bring back civilization.

In episode 9, Senku and his gang have started the development of a panacea-like drug, sulfonamide, in order to cure Ruri's illness. In order to gather the manpower needed for making iron, they create a scientific delicacy, "Bristlegrass Ramen", and succeed in getting a firm grip on the hearts (and stomachs) of the villagers.

While this is happening, a suspicious stranger appears before them: AsagiriGen. Even though Senku and the gang are sure he is a spy from the Tsukasa Empire (aka Empire of Might), they can't be completely sure of his real intentions, so they keep their guard up. Out of nowhere, Senku says that in order to develop sulfonamide, they need to create a "power plant"…

Episode 9 of the Dr. STONE TV anime series, "To This Hand, The Light of Science", will air on 2019/08/30 (Fri) on TOKYO MX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, BS11, and other channels.

(C)Kome Studio・Boichi/Shueisha・Dr. STONE Productions