Video streaming service「Bandai Channel」have implemented a new function that allows users to search for a specific scene among the videos they’ve streamed just from a line. It is possible to search for relevant works from familiar lines such as 「Amuro launching!」「Nico nico ni」.

「Bandai Channel 」is a video streaming channel that centers around anime content. This time, a new function was released「Quote Search Function(Beta Ver.)」that allows you to search text of characters in the work directs users to the target works and allowing them to start watching from the corresponding scene.

Using this function, you can easily get to your favorite scenes and lines without having to remember the exact number of episode and time stamp. You can also discover various scenarios beside the supposed target work with the same line, so you can just have fun searching.

「Bandai Channel」line search function can be used on both the computer website and smartphone site. The search function can be used regardless of whether you’re a member or not.

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