From “Inazuma Eleven” comes a “Werewolf Game” using the ending illustration of the anime, and 5108 (Kotoba, which means Words) Necklaces. Pre-orders are available at the Movic online shop.

The “Werewolf Game” uses the ending illustrations of “Inazuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin”. You can enjoy the game with cute cards of Endou Mamoru, Kiyama Tatsuya, and others, or enjoy the illustrations of the cards as a collection.

Also, the title collaborates with 5108(Kotoba)'s Message Necklace, which you “Wear the Words”. The cards that come with the necklaces have the famous lines of the characters such as Inamori Asuto and Kazemaru Ichirouta, so you can display them on their own.

The “Werewolf Game” and “5108 Necklace” are both available for pre-order at the Movic online shop.

(C)LEBEL-5 / FC Inazuma Eleven・TV Tokyo