From the male voice actors’ character rap battle “Hypnosis MicMike-Division Rap Battle-” Osaka division “Dotsuitare Honpo”was newly established. The cast is Iwasaki Ryouta, Kawanishi Kengo and Kuroda TakayaAs casts, Yuta Iwasaki, Kengo Kawanishi, and Takaya Kuroda participated, and it was announced that their CD debut will be on October 30th.
The birth of the Osaka Division “Dotsuitare Honpo” was announced at the “Hypnosis Mike-Division Rap Battle-4th LIVE” held at Osaka Castle Hall on September 7.
This is the fifth division following Ikebukuro Division, Yokohama Division, Shibuya Division, and Shinjuku Division.

The members of “Dotsuitare Honpo” are the three characters of Nurude Sasara, Tsutsujimori Rosho, and Amayado Rei. Iwasaki Ryouta will play Sasara, Kawanishi Kengo will play Rosho, and Kuroda Takaya will play Rei. The CD will be released on October 30th.

OSAKA DIVISION Honpo “Title to be determined”
Release date: Wednesday, October 30, 2019
List price: 2,300 yen + tax