TV Anime『Gintama』and smartphone game『Monster Strike』2nd collaboration TVCM 「Misunderstood Ascension」was released on September 6th. The CM contains several overly exaggerated corrections on each of the characters.

TVCM 「Misunderstood Ascension」is a the continuation from the「Unfinished CM」with several draft corrections. The TVCM has now been completed and released containing unreasonable correction instructions for each of the characters who misunderstood the term “Ascension” from 『Monster Strike』.

Each character corrected their own appearance based on the “Ascension” they have in mind, Shinpachi’s appearance is the most notable one. Compared to the 「Unfinished CM」version from before, its more entertaining to see the kind of corrections they have in mind like Gintoki’s 「The real thing is more handsome」 and Kagura’s 「Nice Body」.

Also the unfinished outdoor advertising from the previous TVCM is now completed together with the 2nd TVCM.
Since September 6th, several posters have been posted around the premises of Tobu Railway / Ikebukuro Station and Osaka Metro / Namba Station, so fans will definitely want to visit.

Anime 『Gintama』×Monster Strike 2nd Collaboration TVCM「Misunderstood Ascension」(15 seconds)
【Broadcast Area】Entire Nation※Except for certain areas
【Broadcast Date】September 6th 2019(Fri)~

Anime 『Gintama』×Monster Strike 2nd Collaboration Outdoor Advertisement
【Places】Within Tobu Railway「Ikebukuro」 station, Osaka Metro Midosuji Line 「Namba」 station
【Event Period】September 6th 2019(Fri)~September 8th 2019(Sun)
※Please refrain from making inquiries to railway companies, stations, and station staff regarding this project, such as posting locations.
(C)Hideaki Sorachi/Shueisha・TV Tokyo・Dentsu・BNPAniplex