The second collaboration screening event of 『Promare』 The Movie and 『Geki x Cine』 called “Geki x Cine x Promare 2 Nights Champion Festival” was held Aug. 30 in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Wald 9. Following the screening of 『Ao No Ran』, 『Promare』director Imaishi Hiroyuki, scriptwriter Kazuki Nakashima, Lucia Fex’s actress Shintani Mayumi appeared on stage. A thunderous applause came from the audience.

“Geki x Cine x Promare 2 Nights Champion Festival” was held following the very popular collaboration screening event carried out a few days ago with 『Banyuki』. This collaboration of 『Ao No Ran』is the screenplay work of Nakashima, who penned the script of several plays as a scriptwriter of 『Promare』 and and writer for the theatre group Gekidan☆Shinkansen.
Matsumoto Kenichi and Saotome Kaichi also appeared in 『Ao No Ran』, the casting of 『Promare』 protagonists Galo and Leo was offered with the consideration of both their performances on stage.

In the event, Nakashima first revealed how it came about “the ticket from the previous collaboration event with 『Banyuki』sold out in just under 30 minutes, so we should also begin 『Ao No Ran』at once!” Shintani also expressed her gratitude “its thanks to everyone that we could hold this event!”.

Also in this collaboration of the movie and play, Shintani brought in the script for the featured movie 『Promare』 and play 『Niseyoshitsumeikaiuta』. Nakashima was also asked several questions about the difference in writing for the movie and play.
Nakashima was asked about how the script of each movie and play was written, when he answered “the play required us to convert the scene (set) so we considered that”, voices of admiration rang from the audience. Imaishi, who accepted the praise divulged unheard behind-the scenes details of the work “I added a transcription to the storyboard I drew in script that Nakashima wrote, so the script was changed”.

Additionally, when the MC once again touch on the fact that the box-office revenue that surpassed 1 billion yen in the long run screening of 『Promare』 , Imaishi commented keenly “I’m really happy. It’s rare to see an original one-shot anime movie turn out like this”. Nakashima also immediately praised the achievements of Imaishi in his own style “the 10 billion dollar man, Imaishi Hiroyuki!”.
When talking about playing the movie with 『Chapter Galo』 and 『Chapter Leo』, which are stories set before 『Promare』, Imaishi said “as it’s a one-shot work that nobody knows, when I considered how much I want readers to know about the characters, I thought it would be better to make it a short-story”, Nakashima retorted with a hint of excitement “the script that I spent a lot of effort making for this opening was cut by director Imaishi, so I thought hell, let’s make it the opening scene for Leo!”. When Shintani added “Well does this mean that it’s even possible that the fancy opening of 『Promare』 will now become like a Mad Max-Hyahaa! scene?”, the crowed grew excited at this first-told behind the scenes story.

While the excitement was high like that of a 『Promare』 event, a question flew out from the audience “Is Leo of noble origin?”. Nakashima jokingly countered “That’s the creative director’s lie! Don’t believe it! It’s not in the Nakashima-verse (universe)!”.
Shintani followed “there are many universes aren’t there”. Nakashima continued to talk about his passion towards his work, expressing gratitude to fans “Promare is something that everyone has made possible. I’m glad that there is a ‘verse’ (universe) just for everyone. So it’s fine if Leo is a noble in your own ‘verse’!”.

Then in relation to the 『Promare』 casting, Imaishi confessed that it went as he had hoped “This time, I drew the designs while thinking whether there’s an actor that suits the design. Because of that, there was no audition this time”.
On top of that, Nakashima brought up “but during post production, we were very worried weren’t we?” While touching on the post production before the movie was finished, Imaishi revealed that they were unnecessarily worried “the voice actors did more acting than expected, so we were worried about how we can fit the acting into the movie”.

Lastly, it appears that there were attendees that watched 『Promare』 more than 50 times, Imaishi commented on this smilingly “Even I don’t watch that much!” He then expressed his passion again “Anyway, I made it hoping that everyone would enjoy it! Without thinking too much about it, I want people to be immersed in Promare as much as they can”.

Additionally, Shintani expressed “Connecting Promare and Shinkansen in this way is pretty emo! I truly felt that both the play and the movie was amazing!”. Nakashima followed with a comment “Our work is like a drill! Our experiences have taught use to not just focus shallowly and widely, but go deeper and deeper to produce works we enjoy with great passion, we are very grateful”.

『Promare』 the movie Geki x Cine x Promare 2 Nights Champion Festival
Date: Friday Aug. 30
Venue: Shinjuku Wald 9 Screen 9
Appearances: Nakashima Kazuki (Scriptwriter), Imaishi Hiroshi (Director), Shintani Mayumi (Lucia Fex Actress)

『Promare』The Movie
(C)TRIGGER・Nakashima Kazuki/XFLAG