A TV anime based around a character that was made for kids back in 2017 named 「Mewkledreamy」 will begin airing in Spring 2020. An "Adorable Dreamy Story" about Mew who has mysterious powers and the Love, Friendship and Kindness between Mew and her fun friends.

『Mewkledreamy』 is an anime based around a character which debuted from Sanrio back in 2017. The story begins with a bright and cheerful first year middle-schooler named Yume Hinata, picking up a mysterious stuffed animal that fell from the sky. With Mew's ability to enter the same dream known as 「Dream Synchro」, they enter dreams together to collect Dream Stones.

TV Anime 『Mewkledreamy』 will begin airing in Spring 2020. J.C. STAFF will be handling the production of the animation.

■Anime Adaptation Info
Date of airing: Spring 2020
Production: J.C.STAFF
Director: Chiaki Kon (今千秋)
Screenwriter: Hiroko Kanasuugi (金杉弘子)

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