Ranking of “Voice actress you want to say “Fight!” to you when you got heatstroke” is published in 2019 survey about heatstroke and digestive problem on businessman which conducted by Yomeishu Seizo Co, Ltd..

It was conducted on 1,000 businessmen around 20 to 59 years old. Voice actress who topped the ranking are Masako Nozawa on first place, Noriko Hidaka on second place, and Mayumi Tanaka on third place.

They are famous for many shows, such as Masako Nozawa who voices Son Goku in Dragon Ball, Noriko Hidaka as Minami Asakura in Touch!, and Mayumi Tanaka who voices Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece.Son Goku who is acted by Masako Nozawa is famous for a dialogue “OK, let’s move on”. If you are told by “OK, let’s move on” by Masako Nozawa with Goku’s voice, you would feel positive even though if it is very hot day and you are about to get heatstroke.

In the same survey, Keiko Toda who voices Anpanman inSoreike! Anpanman got fourth place, while the voice actress for Pikachu’s Pocket Monsters, Ikue Otani placed fifth in the rank.

In the Top 10 which included same place, there are Minami Takayama, Midori Kato, Koichi Yamadera, Kana Hanazawa,Akira Kamiya,Nana Mizuki, and Akiko Yajima.